What is the Bahmni Coalition?


The Bahmni Coalition is a group of organizations involved in Bahmni in various capacities. The Coalition includes organizations that are users of Bahmni, contributors to Bahmni development or implementation, and those offering services around Bahmni.

The Bahmni Coalition acts as a representative of the wider Bahmni community. It is responsible for setting direction for the product, ensuring larger community involvement, evangelising Bahmni adoption and acting as a steward for Bahmni license.



The Bahmni Coalition has identified the following preliminary list of goals.

  • Promulgate the use of Bahmni Product as an enabler for achieving the objectives of SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-Being) as defined by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) policy.

  • Provide consulting services to Hospitals desirous of implementing a Hospital Management System and validate the suitability of Bahmni in such a context.

  • Develop, enhance, modify, implement, maintain and support the rollout of Bahmni in Hospitals and Medical Facilities desirous of implementing a Hospital Management System.

  • Collaborate with other members to share the learnings during the implementation of Bahmni.

  • Undertake/commission knowledge based activities such as publishing best practices and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and organizing conferences to share knowledge & best practices.

  • Promote medical records standardization, including (when needed) advocacy with regulatory agencies.

Bahmni Coalition Structure


Core Organizational Members

These are organisations which are actively involved with Bahmni either as users, developers, implementers, thought leaders. They are responsible for being representative of the wider community. These organisations form participate in various teams or sub-groups to achieve various goals.

Current Members:

Governing Committee

A core group within Bahmni coalition which is responsible for defining by-laws and acting as stewards of Bahmni product.

Current GC members