Bahmni is an Open Source product, which you can download freely and use at your clinic, hospital, institute. However, if you don’t have the required technical expertise or need help with certain aspects of implementation then Bahmni Implementation partners are best placed to provide you that help.

This is a global network of implementation partners who are committed to Bahmni development and implementation. They are critical to delivering local support and building new functionality that is tailored to your needs. Implementation partners offer services based on your needs like EMR / HIS consultancy, Configuration and Customizations, End user Training, IT team training, Production support and troubleshooting etc.

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Below is a listing of Implementation partners:

IntelliSOFT Consulting Limited

IntelliSOFT Consulting is a Kenyan software development, implementation and consultancy firm that specializes in developing and implementing digital health solutions for the health care sector. Our primary focus is in digital health solutions that support delivery of healthcare services and health research. The company's overall goal is advancing the smart and meaningful use of Information and Communication Technology to support the discovery and delivery of quality healthcare services.

Operating Region: East Africa


Satvix Informatics

Satvix Informatics is a Pune based Open Source software product development and implementation

organisation focused on health care technologies. We have extensive experience in Bahmni implementation and OpenERP / Odoo customization.

We work across spectrum of healthcare providers from Doctors & Clinicians at hospitals to Village Health Workers / ASHAs & Community Clinics. We also help Government and NGO sector in their data collection initiatives which aid towards policy formulation and research.

Finding low cost, high quality and ‘fit for purpose’ solutions with tools and technologies in Open Source, is at the heart of our approach.

Operating Region: Indian subcontinent and SE Asia


Siddha Development Research and Consultancy (SDRC) is an award winning social enterprise. Our mission is to enable social change through Research based interventions; Technology solutions; and Data & Analytics services.

We partner with multilateral institutions like UNICEF, Asian Health Institute (AHI), etc., to define, develop and implement solutions in the areas of Health, Education, Child Protection and other Social Interventions at State and Central level Institutions across India and SE Asia.

Operating Region: Indian subcontinent and SE Asia


IPLit Solutions LLP

IPLit is a Technology Startup focusing on Healthcare IT. Our mission is to build services to influence effortless exchange of information and sharing among healthcare entities, leveraging IT.

We believe that our solutions, conceptualized by doctors and IT professionals shall ease out some of the pain areas of healthcare industry.

Operating Region: Indian subcontinent and SE Asia

Mekom Solutions Pte Ltd

Mekom Solutions provides Bahmni as a service globally to health facilities, global health organisations, NGOs and local service providers looking for outsourcing.

Mekom's automated delivery platform supports rapid and frequent deployments of Bahmni, both on premises and in the Cloud.

We also help other groups and organisations that are not primarily tech-focused to concentrate on their core mission of improving healthcare by leasing our in-house OpenMRS/Bahmni continuous delivery platform as a service.

Additionally we provide software development services on OpenMRS and Bahmni while ensuring that all code contributions remain open source and available to the widest audience.

Operating Region: Global

Operating Region: Global


Interactive Health Solutions (IHS) is a Karachi, Pakistan based software development company specialising in eHealth and mhealth. We have experience developing, deploying, and maintaining systems in more than 15 LMIC’s in Asia, Africa, and South America including OpenMRS and Bahmni based systems. We have deployed Bahmni in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South Africa, and Papua New Guinea

LeapFrog Technology

Leapfrog is a world class technology services company. We’ve successfully delivered dozens of projects for both big companies and soon-to-be-big startups.

We are a double bottom-line company that cares equally about revenue and impact. We will always go the extra mile for a good cause. We specialize in healthcare, edtech and fintech verticals.

Operating Region: US, Nepal


ThoughtWorks built Bahmni by working alongside organizations who are committed to eliminating health disparities. We partnered with them on the ground to design Bahmni and iteratively build a relevant solution for their realities. We wanted to fill the void of a quality system, which can be used by all. Our desire has always been to keep this system open source, and available for adoption and usage.

ThoughtWorks’ focus is to develop solutions at the intersection of health and technology. We are determined to improve quality and expand access to care across all sections of society. We deliver products, custom solutions, and consulting on digital health architecture and strategy to clients to empower their communities, deliver higher quality care and make informed decisions.

Operating Region: Global

Samanvay Foundation

Samanvay Foundation

Samanvay is a Bangalore-based, non-profit, tech-driven and social-impact focussed company. We have been part of teams that created hospital systems, micro-credit platforms, national health record systems and mHealth platforms. We have experience of designing and developing technology solutions that are appropriate for low-resource setups. Some of our team members have been associated with Bahmni since it’s inception, involved in both product development and implementation. We are currently supporting Bahmni operations at 4 sites in India.

Nuchange Informatics

Nuchange team has been doing Bahmni implementations since Oct 2014. We take up end-to-end implementations along with software customisations and systems integration, if necessary.

Being part of more than 10 Bahmni implementations in 6 countries, Nuchange team is heavily experienced in both clinical and technical aspects of Health IT projects, enabling the client for a smooth and quick cutover to the new system and process.

Operating Region: Global

We support both remote and onsite implementations as well as on-cloud and on-premise installations.

If you’re looking for a Partner, send us your request.

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