Clinical Services

Clinical Observations and Notes

Bahmni has a mini-platform on which you can define your own forms and also configure a way to visualise the filled forms. These clinical notes for - general patients, emergency, surgery, vitals, intake-output, delivery, gynaecology, every disease or condition, "your own forms", can be defined using this. Your implementer can breakup a particular disease or a condition into multiple forms and group them so that they can be viewed together on patient and visit dashboards. In each of these forms you can make multiple numeric, textual, coded options, true-false/yes-no, date, date time, duration type of observations.

The users can recall the data filled previously in these forms, choose their favourite forms or decide to pull up one from the list of the forms in the system.

These forms can be created by importing CSV files or through the administration user interface.

Bahmni has been deployed in hospitals that do not mind sharing their forms (as open source) for other hospitals. We intend to setup a website that could facilitate collaboration around such content.


The clinicians can capture diagnosis of patients and manage their old diagnosis. In the backend these diagnoses can be mapped to ICD-10 codes for reporting purposes.

Drug Order

Using this feature the users can make new drug orders, stop or refill the active ones. It allows them to choose route, frequency, dosage and instructions. This feature has been designed to make your users highly time efficient, by providing them sensible defaults wherever possible.

Bahmni provides a mini-platform on which your implementer can configure template for drug order regimens - so that certain commonly ordered drugs don't have to be entered again and again. The user can invoke these templates that automatically populates the drug orders on user interface which they can review and save.

Patient Dashboards

Patient dashboard is another mini-platform on which different types of canned display widgets can be placed by your Bahmni implementer. Bahmni provides a wide array of canned widgets which the implementer can choose from - diagnosis, observations, tabular view, graphical view, drug orders, patient profile, lab results, visits, radiology results, disposition and in-patient summary. Your implementer can just configure them (by choosing number of visits, terminologies, age groups, etc.) to create your hospital specific dashboard. Bahmni supports multiple dashboards for configuring additional disease or condition specific summarised views.

Visit Dashboards

Visit dashboards are similar patient dashboards but they display data for a single visit. Multiple visit dashboards can be created too. Each visit dashboard will also have a printable view, optimised for paper. All the canned widgets are extremely configurable and you can create your own discharge summary printout without writing any code.