Odoo Reports are described in the Stock Management and Billing & Accounting features. Similarly lab reports are described under the Laboratory feature. Here we primarily explain the EMR reports.

EMR Reports

Bahmni provides couple of options for EMR reporting.

Configurable Canned Reports

The challenge of creating canned reports on patients medical record is that the requirements vary widely by hospitals and is also dependent on how terminologies, forms, patient attributes are setup for them. Bahmni offers a solution to this problem by providing easily configurable canned reports. Bahmni provides a library of these reports using which each implementation can easily create their own reports without understanding the underlying data model of OpenMRS. You can also combine multiple of these as sub-reports to create your own reports. These reports are available in PDF, CSV and HTML format.

Custom Jasper Reports

Bahmni comes packaged with JasperReports. JasperReports is a mature reporting platform, on which your Bahmni implementation team can create custom reports on OpenMRS (and also also on Odoo, Lab) database.


Patient Data Migration and Import

It is quite likely that your hospital already uses some system or maintains the data in excel files or access database. It doesn't make sense to loose all the data when switching to a new system. Bahmni provides a simple migration path using which you can import the old data into Bahmni using CSV files, without writing complex data migration scripts. It follows a convention based approach, so you can just name the headers of the CSV files to correspond to the new data model.

You can also use the same approach on an ongoing basis to bring in data from sites that do not have Internet connectivity.