Thank you for your interest in installing Bahmni. Bahmni is a free and open source hospital system designed for low resource settings. Please choose one of the below mentioned options for installing Bahmni. If you run into problems, you can take help from our Community on our Q&A Talk Forum, or on the IRC chat channel.

On CentOS

Bahmni runs on CentOS v6. CentOS is a Linux distribution that attempts to provide a free and open source, stable, enterprise-class, community-supported computing platform. To install Bahmni on CentOS, please follow the instructions documented on our wiki here: Installing Bahmni on CentOS.

On Windows/Apple/other Linux platforms

To run Bahmni on a non CentOS machine, like a Windows or Apple machine, or on Ubuntu, one needs to run Bahmni inside a CentOS Virtual Machine (VM) on the machine. We have created a packaged VM based on Vagrant for ease of installation. Instructions for setting up Bahmni using a vagrant VM are documented here: Install Bahmni using Virtual Box.

In the cloud

To evaluate Bahmni on a cloud installation, please follow the instructions documented on our wiki here: Install Bahmni on Digital Ocean cloud platform.