Bahmni Screenshots

Possible Health has deployed Bahmni in Bayalpata Hospital at Achham, Nepal. This presentation has been created by Mr Anant Raut, Healthcare Systems Engineer at Possible,  who has been kind enough to let us share this presentation on our website.

Please press the Next Slide button at the bottom of this presentation to walk through the Bahmni workflow screenshots.

Configure As Per Your Needs

Each hospital has its own forms, templates, rules, and workflows. Bahmni allows you to configure the user interface as per your needs. These screenshots were taken from some of our implementation configurations to give you a taste of the possibilities that exist. We continue to add features which help hospitals implement closer-to-life screens, with quick navigation and easy information entry.

Registration - sample screenshots

Clinical - sample screenshots

IPD / Admit / Discharge - sample screenshots

Programs - sample screenshots

Lab (OpenELIS) screenshots

ERP (OpenERP / Odoo) screenshots