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The Bahmni community comprise of Developers, Health Informatics experts, Hospitals and Implementation partners.  We are here to help you explore and understand working with Bahmni better. Please check below resources to get any help. 


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If you want to ask the Bahmni Team or Community a technical question, or a product related question, please discuss it here: Bahmni Q&A Forum


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If you want to chat with us, log onto the Bahmni IRC channel #bahmni


Key Tech Details

  • Bahmni EMR is based on OpenMRS backend with JavaScript based front end. It is built using Java, MySQL, Hibernate, Spring, REST API, AngularJS
  • ERP solution is based on OpenERP v7 which is based on Python, PostgreSQL and XML HTTP API
  • Laboratory is based on OpenELIS Global which uses Java, JSP, PostgreSQL, Hibernate, HTTP API
  • PACS solution is based on Oviyam and dcm4che.
  • Integration: The above four sub-systems are integrated with Atom Feeds, HTTP and REST based API.
  • Reports: Java, SQL, AngularJS, Jasper Reports, Dynamic Reports



OpenMRSOpenMRS is licensed under Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0. Bahmni components of OpenMRS are licensed under AGPL v3.

OpenELISOpenELIS is licensed under Mozilla Public License Version 1.1. The original codebase is forked from OpenELIS GLOBAL maintained by University of Washington. Bahmni's fork of OpenELIS is licensed under AGPL v3.

OpenERPOpenERP 7.0 is licensed under AGPL v3

Custom OpenERP modules written for Bahmni are also licensed under AGPL v3.

The complete Bahmni package is licensed under AGPL v3.


A Big Thank You

We would like to say a Big Thank you to the following organizations for supporting Bahmni software:

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