Stock Management

Stock management feature is provided via the Odoo sub-system, adapted slightly for health facilities, in Bahmni. Stock management allows you to do the following:

  • Hierarchical modelling of your warehouses and stocking points
  • Management of products (medicines, other supplies) that are present in the stock
  • Management of your suppliers from whom you purchase the products
  • Procurement of the products from a supplier, broken up by batches with their expiry dates
  • Stock movement between different stocking points and warehouses
  • Ability to view the current stock levels by products
  • Automatic reduction in stock of product batch quantities when patient pays for the invoice consisting of products (via the billing function)
  • Reports
    • Sales, Discounts, Credits
    • Purchases
    • Stock Movement
    • Inventory Status
    • Organisational Accounts

The detail documentation for this is available here and here from Odoo.